Waterproof Laser Sticker Label Roll

Laser paper is a carrier of laser holographic pictures, with bright colors, dynamic hallucinations.
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Waterproof Laser Sticker Label Roll


Adhesive Label
Laser Vinyl
CMYK or Pantone
Surface finishing
Glossy lamination
In rolls
Laser color
For packaging labels

  • The raw materials of laser stickers show colorful colors under the reflection of light. With wonderful design, the product labels become fashionable and have a sense of future design.
  • Laser vinyl sticker has good waterproof effect and is not easy to tear.
  • Laser labels are commonly used in high-end cosmetics, wine bottle labels, drug packaging boxes and cigarette products.


Paper label with foil
White vinyl labels
Transparent PET labels

Paper label with foil

White vinyl labels

Transparent PET labels

Foil label
Double sided label
Epoxy label
Foil label
Double sided label 

Epoxy label

*Materials of three common stickers

1. Art paper: Art paper is paper material widely used in printing labels. It is not tear resistant and waterproof.

2. White vinyl: White vinyl is a good choice when you prefer prefer waterproof, tear resistant and oil-proof labels.

3. Transparent PET/PP/PVC: Printed on the transparent material, it has good waterproof performance and canshow the background color.

*Feature on stickers

1. Foil label: Custom foil can make it a metallic look in specific area to highlight the name, the logo and so on.  There are silver, gold, pink, green and other options.

2. Double sided label: It can be with print on both the front side and the glue side. When we look through a transparent bottle, we can see the back side printing.

3. Epoxy label: This label is with a crystal dome on and looks 3D effect. Normally the epoxy label is about 1.8 mm in thickness.


1.Artwork approved
2.Choose material
3.Choose ink
4.Printing plate

5.Machine adjustment
8.Cutting and foil stamped

10.Splitting in roll
11.Shrink film wrap
Shrink film wrap


In sheets

In rolls

Packaging in boxes

*In sheets:  When the quantity is low and with different sizes and shapes, in sheet will be a good choice.

*In rolls:  Roll label is usually for machine application. And the core size is normally 76 mm in diameter. Rolling direction and quantity of per roll can be customized.


1.  Advanced printing equipment: we have advanced Heidelberg printing equipment, which can guarantee the quality of products and improve production efficiency.

2.  High quality: we have 7 years of printing industry experience and professional service personnel, won the cooperation and trust of brand customers in various industries.

3.  Good service: we are a printing factory integrating printing design, typesetting, production, printing and processing.

4.  Good quotation: we provide the appropriate material matching for customers, and then make detailed quotation for you.


1. What details will be needed for quotation?

Please let us know the material, size, quantity, artwork, surface finishing, etc.

2. What format of the artwork files is required for printing?

Al, CDR or clear PDF.

3. Can I get samples before my order?

Yes, please contact us.

4. What is the shipping method and shipping time?

By sea, by air and by express can be for your choice. Normally, 5-8 working days for express.

5. Can I get a better price if I place a larger order?

Yes, larger quantity will be with a better price.

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.