UV Process Aug 14

The English full name of UV is the abbreviation of ultraviolet, which belongs to a kind of special ink in printing, also known as UV ink, which is generally transparent and colorless. Over UV means applying a layer of UV ink on the surface of the printed matter.

According to the UV area, it can be divided into: full-page UV and partial UV.

*Partial UV: In order to highlight key words, company LOGO, product pictures and other parts, partial UV is often used on the covers of picture albums, color boxes, stickers and tags. Text and pictures after UV treatment will become smoother and more artistic. Compared with other parts of the printed matter, the partial UV area feels a clear boundary, which is more three-dimensional.

Partial UV can be implemented after coating matte lamination, or directly on the printed matter.

*Full-page UV: The effect is the same as the sticker covering the glossy lamination but the contrast is that the UV is more three-dimensional.

The printed matter after UV is generally difficult to recycle.

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