Traditional Printing Methods(2) Sep 13

Let's understand the principle of relief printing and intaglio printmaking

Relief printing use letterpress (printing plate with raised graphics and text) to print. It is one of the main printing processes. In the early years of the Tang Dynasty, China invented the engraving printing technology, which is the most primitive embossing method by engraving characters or images on wooden boards.

Intaglio printmaking is to fill the entire surface of the printing plate with ink, and then use a special scraping mechanism to remove the ink in the blank part, so that the ink only remains in the cells of the graphic part. Under the action of the pressure, the ink is transferred to the surface of the substrate to obtain the printed matter. Intaglio printmaking belongs to direct printing. The graphic part of the printing plate is concave, and the degree of concave is different with the depth of the image. The blank part of the printing plate is convex and on the same plane.

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