The Difference in Foil Stamping Methods on Stickers Jul 13

Foil stamping, as an important metal effect surface finishing method, is an effective way to enhance the visual effects of trademarks, cartons, labels and other products, and is widely used. The two main bronzing methods, hot foil stamping and foil cold stamping, have their own advantages. In practical applications, the appropriate bronzing method should be selected according to the specific situation, mainly based on cost and quality considerations.

Advantages of foil hot stamping technology

(1) Good quality, high precision, clear and sharp edge of hot stamping image.

(2) The surface gloss is high, and the hot foil stamping sticker label pattern is bright and smooth.

(3) The hot stamping foil has a wide range of options, such as different colors or different surface finishing effects.

Advantages of foil cold stamping technology

(1) No need to buy more expensive special bronzing equipment.

(2) Plate making high-speed, short cycle, low production cost of stamping plate.

(3) Cold foil stamping label pattern high-speed, up to 450fpm.

Using hot stamping technology can achieve the best foil stamping quality and effect. Our company adopts foil hot stamping technology.

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