The Difference between RGB and CMYK Jul 27

Printing colors for label sticker

RGB is the default mode in Photoshop (the screen display is generally RGB). RGB is a kind of "light" that can be reflected in people's eyes. It is composed of three colors: red, yellow, and blue.

CMYK is a kind of "ink" mainly used for printing or printing images with continuous color patterns. CMYK can be used for 4-color printing. The 4 inks are cyan, magenta, yellow and black.


1. RGB is the color displayed by the monitor, and CMYK is the color for printing. If you use a monitor to preview CMYK design draft, there will be color difference.

2. CMYK colors are not as rich and bright as RGB colors.

Therefore, the paper card and label stickers’ printing color cannot be required to be exactly the same as the computer display. The computer displays RGB colors, while printing is composed of CMYK 4-color ink dots, and their imaging is fundamentally different.

Different batches of printed custom label sticker cannot be completely consistent due to factors such as equipment, ink reaction, paper materials, temperature, etc., and the color difference within 5% is a normal. The printed label sticker or paper cards has a little color difference, and there is no way to completely eliminate it. We can only reduce the probability of color difference based on experience and make the printed matter close to the color of the design draft. That is why some customers who have higher color requirements will also use Pantone colors for printing label.

CMYK is a commonly used printing method, which can mix thousands of colors to meet the color requirements of lots of products.

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