The Development History of Adhesive Stickers May 26

Adhesive stickers is also called self-adhesive label, which is a composite material which is made of paper, plastic film or fancy paper, adhesive on its back and silicon protective paper as its base paper.

In the 1930s, self-adhesive materials were first applied in the United States. Due to the growing demand for this special composite material, self-adhesive printing has gradually evolved into an independent printing field, and more and more enterprises are engaged in self-adhesive label printing. As far as China is concerned, the rapid development of printing industry in terms of production scale, technical level and market space has led to the development of self-adhesive printing, which has reached an unprecedented level.

Data show that in 2018, the global market value of self-adhesive labels was 31.06 billion U.S. dollars, and is expected to maintain a compound growth rate of 5.5%, reaching 40.5 billion U.S. dollars by 2023.

As far as the Chinese market is concerned, in the context of the development of the national economy, China's self-adhesive label industry is growing rapidly. Statistics from the Label Printing Branch of the China Printing and Equipment Industry Association show that from 2013 to 2018, China's self-adhesive label production increased from 4 billion square meters to 6.4 billion square meters, with a compound growth rate of 9.86%, which was higher than the global average. . In 2019, China's self-adhesive label production growth rate exceeded 10%, covering an area of more than 7 billion square meters. China Commercial Industry Research Institute predicts that China's self-adhesive label market will reach 8.48 billion square meters in 2021.

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