How to Choose Self-adhesive Label Stickers? May 26

Self-adhesive stickers are often an important manifestation of the company's image and brand, and play an important role in reflecting product quality and inducing consumers' desire to buy. So when choosing a label or a self-adhesive label, what are the precautions?

Questions to pay attention to when choosing label materials:

1) For cylindrical bottles, especially those with a diameter less than 30MM, the material should be carefully selected.

2) If the size of the label is too large or too small, you should pay attention to the actual test.

3) If the object to be affixed has an irregular surface or even a spherical surface, there are specific considerations for the type, thickness and adhesive of the label material.

4) Some rough surfaces such as corrugated boxes will affect the labeling, and the varnish on the surface of the corrugated boxes will also have an effect.

5) Automatic labeling machine label, labeling test can be carried out if necessary.

6) Even if the label is labeled at room temperature, pay attention to whether it experiences high temperature during export transportation and use.

7) Watery or oily environments will affect the properties of the adhesive. Pay attention to the environment and temperature of the label.


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