Digital Printing Method Sep 19
The simple explain is that digital printing is an integrated printing, which is output directly by the computer and can be printed in a short time. However, traditional printing requires plate making. Firstly, water and ink the printing plate, and then transfer it to the blanket. Finally, the blanket contacts the paper and transfers the ink to the paper through embossing. There are many production steps between output and getting printed matter, and printed matter is indirect output.
Digital printing is the product of the new era, with two kinds of ink-jet printing and laser printing. The toner commonly used in digital printing is not suitable for long-term preservation, although the finished products are bright in color. At present, the digital printing quality and cost are higher than traditional printing, and compared with traditional printing, the rapid delivery of digital printing has obvious advantages. It is the first choice for printing and proofing. It should be noted that although the color is bright and bright, there will be uneven performance in large-area printing. However, digital printing is the most popular way of printing in the workplace. Because toner is used, it is relatively convenient for overall handling, removal and replacement.

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