Chinese Paper Enterprises' Notice on the Rise of Paper Prices Sep 25

According to CCTV finance and economics, since August 2021, many Chinese paper enterprises have issued price increase letters for many times, announcing an increase in the ex factory price of corrugated paper. Why did the price of paper suddenly rise? The person in charge of a number of paper enterprises told reporters that the rise in the price of Chinese waste paper raw materials this year is one of the main factors driving up the price of corrugated paper. With the implementation of the comprehensive ban on the import of solid waste, the waste paper import quota of paper enterprises has been cleared since January 1 this year, which makes the Chinese waste paper more and more tense.

According to statistics, at present, the national average price of AA grade corrugated paper in China is about 3870 RMB per ton, with a year-on-year increase of about 15%. The person in charge of most paper enterprises feedback that although the price has increased, the profit margin is very small.
In order to cope with the rising cost of raw materials, this year, many paper enterprises began to transport the cardboard leftovers produced by downstream packaging plants across the waste paper packaging station directly back to the company, and further release the production capacity through means such as technology upgrading. Industry insiders pointed out that in August 2021, paper enterprises intensively issued price increase letters reasons. On the one hand, they hope to alleviate the cost pressure by raising prices, and on the other hand, they tentatively raise prices before the peak season.

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