Three development trends of packaging industry in the future Oct 09, 2021

1. More efficient and intelligent

Intelligent packaging solves three major problems for the packaging industry: inventory and life cycle management, product integrity and user experience. In the future, with the continuous improvement of Chinese consumers' requirements for product quality, the market demand for intelligent packaging, which can realize the whole process positioning of product circulation and show the actual quality of products.

2. Multi-purpose and high-quality

Under the condition of satisfying functional requirements and safe production, packaging has been seeking high quality, individuality and flexibility. This requires equipment to be highly functional, adaptable to different packaging forms, shapes, sizes, material structures, and closed structures as standard functions, and can fully and effectively address product requirements for various purposes.

3. Green environmental protection

Green environmental protection is a constant environmental theme in the future. How to improve the packaging machinery, how to better comply with the concept of green production, and how to make the production safer, more refined and more suitable for the demand are also social issues that need to be considered by Chinese enterprises in advance.

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