Synthetic Paper Stickers Labels Sep 03, 2021

Synthetic paper self-adhesive sticker label is a new type of plastic material product, and it is also an environmentally friendly sticker.

The main component of synthetic paper is polypropylene plastic. The source and production process of polypropylene synthetic paper will not cause environmental damage. Therefore, the product can be recycled and reused. Even if it is incinerated, it will not produce toxic gas and cause secondary pollution, which is in line with modern environmental requirements.

*Features: synthetic paper sticker is tear resistant, waterproof, oil resistant and moth resistant.

*Uses: suitable for product packaging labels, such as cosmetics, medicines, personal hygiene products promotion and packaging labels, etc., but also suitable for situations that require a certain degree of durability and moisture resistance, such as gasoline drum labels, bath room product labels, etc.

*Printing process: die-cutting, embossing, foil hot stamping, drilling and other processing methods can be used.

BaiSheng brand synthetic paper label has excellent water resistance, and various sticker properties can be customized according to your product placement and use environment, such as the viscosity of the glue, the thickness of the sticker, and the effects of sun protection and heat resistance. our

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