Garment Hang Tag Label Sep 19, 2021
In terms of materials, hang tags are mainly paper material, plastic and metal. In addition, a new hang tag made of holographic anti-counterfeiting materials has emerged. From its shape, it is more diverse: long strip, folding, round, triangular and other special shapes.
The designs of clothing tags labels are very exquisite. Although the tags of each garment enterprise have their own characteristics, most of them are printed with the factory name, address, telephone, brand logo, etc. In order to thank consumers for buying their own products, some manufacturers often print words of thanks and wishes on the hang tag, which gives consumers a sense of kindness.
Some tags are more like a card "The product instruction manual" is printed with not only the product material composition, but also the water temperature and washing method of washing clothes. It can be seen that the manufacturer is very responsible for consumers.
With the increasing prosperity of the clothing market, the competition is bound to be more intense. In order to protect their products from fake and shoddy products, some famous brand manufacturers do not hesitate to use all kinds of holographic anti-counterfeiting tags and bar codes at cost. This not only protects the interests of enterprises, but also protects the rights and interests of consumers.
Although the clothing hang tag labels is small, it is a link between fashion itself and consumers. It is the inevitable product of modern fashion culture. It plays a positive role in improving and protecting the reputation of garment enterprises and promoting products.

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