Epoxy Resin Crystal Stickers Aug 25, 2021

Epoxy Resin Crystal Stickers refers to pouring a layer of high-tensile transparent paint on the surface of the sign and other printed matter. The swelling height of the paint can reach 1.3mm. Because of its arc-shaped appearance, it is also called a dome craft.

The materials used in cooperation with crystal sticker label are:

1. Paper: silver PET, PVC, transparent vinyl and other papers.

2. Metals: stainless mesh signs, aluminum signs, electroplated nickel signs, etc.

Epoxy resin crystal raw materials are easily available, and the price is relatively low. Soft crystal glue is suitable for a wide range of applications on soft substrates, such as self-adhesive stickers.

The fatal weakness of epoxy resin crystal sticker is discoloration and yellowing, and cannot withstand ultraviolet radiation. It will turn yellow after being exposed for a period of time outdoors, which will reduce transparency and gloss. At the same time, it has a tendency to warp at low temperatures.

In recent years, many epoxy crystal manufacturers have also put in more efforts in this filed, adjusting and changing the formula, adding plasticizers and hardeners, etc., to make modified epoxy crystal sticker to delay the yellowing time, improved the epoxy sticker weather resistance and achieved better results.

If the crystal sticker does not have special environmental work requirements, epoxy resin crystal stickers are used!  get more information from

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