Commonly Used Self Adhesive Sticker Materials(2) Sep 13, 2021

Plastic self-adhesive sticker material

There are mainly three types of materials: PET, BOPP and PVC. They all have raw material colors such as transparent, metallic colors (silver and gold)and white.

(1) PET

PET is waterproof, heat-resistant, sun-proof, and durable. It is suitable for sticking on smooth surfaces. It is commonly used on electrical appliances, cars stickers, sealing stickers and other products. The transparent self-adhesive lables covered with a matte lamination will have a matte visual effect, which looks high-end.

(2) BOPP

Transparent BOPP self-adhesive stickers are easier to foam when applied by hand. The labeling machine has the best sticking effect. It is often used for bottles of daily chemical products. BOPP stickers can be made into spacer stickers, which can achieve the effect of half with glue and half without glue. They are often used in product promotion labels to effectively attract consumers.

(3) PVC

PVC is waterproof, temperature resistant, and durable. It is suitable for pasting on curved surfaces. Electrostatic stickers are also kinds of PVC self-adhesive labels, which use electrostatic force to adsorb on a smooth surface, leaving no traces after tearing, and will not damage the effect of the product.

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