Car Sticker Sep 19, 2021
People are increasingly adopting unique text and pattern car stickers to express their own personality, and also add warmth to the cold mechanical car, making it increasingly becoming a fashion trend for car owners.

Car stickers are omnipresent in the whole car,on the car hood and wheels, as long as they are reasonably created within the scope allowed by the current regulations. Sporty, artistic, and practical, you can freely choose and match to create your own style car sticker!

The main material of car stickers.

*Since the car body sticker needs to be used outdoors, it is required to be able to prevent sun and rain, so the usually used material is PVC or PET. And Car stickers generally use removable glue or electrostatic film surface material, so that no glue residue will be left on the car surface.

PVC Vinyl Stickers has the advantages of heat resistance, wear resistance, good electrical insulation, low price, wide material sources, and good airtight performance.

Main disadvantages: poor thermal stability, easy to age under the action of light, heat and oxygen. The long-term use temperature environment of most PVC plastic products should not exceed 55°C, but the long-term use temperature environment of specially formulated PVC plastics can reach 90°C.
Transparent PET Stickers has excellent physical and mechanical properties in a wide temperature range. The long-term use temperature can reach 120°C. It also has excellent electrical insulation and dimensional stability.
Main disadvantages: not soaked in heat-resistant water for a long time, and not resistant to alkali.

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