Bottle Category Sticker Packaging Show Jul 22, 2021

Bottle sticker is through plate making, printing, the printing plate graphic ink is transferred to the self-adhesive material, and then die-cutting, the self-adhesive trademark label sticker with different patterns can be obtained.

The advantages of trademark label sticker printing: easy to paste, strong adhesion, clear and beautiful printed content, no pollution to goods, etc.

Widely used in: bottle packaging of natural water, purified water, beverages, wine, food, etc. According to the different needs of products, labels of different materials can be used to make the products integrated and beautiful!

According to the material, bottle labels are mainly divided into two categories: paper and plastic. The main difference between them is that the paper is not waterproof and easy to tear (without covering the plastic protective film). Plastic stickers have the characteristics of waterproof, oil-proof and strong tear resistance. With the development of technology, more and more environmentally friendly plastic materials have been invented. For example, synthetic paper has the characteristics of plastic stickers as well as the environmentally friendly recycling characteristics of paper.

Let's take a look at the label stickers of various bottles!

1. Perfume bottle sticker:

Perfume bottle sticker

Perfume bottle stickers generally use fancy stickers (art paper with various textures on the surface) and synthetic paper. The surface finishing of the sticker often has a bronzing process to highlight the trademark of the sticker or as a decoration, so that the sticker has a metallic color, high-end and elegant effect.

2. Beverage bottle sticker:

Beverage bottle sticker

The point to consider when choosing materials for beverage bottle stickers is its storage environment. If it is to be placed in a refrigerator or an environment with water for a long time, the plastic material is generally selected.

Art paper material can be used for juice drink bottle stickers that need to be drunk in the short term, and plastic film can be used to play a slight waterproof and oil-proof effect.

3. Skincare/cosmetic bottle sticker:

cosmetic bottle stickers

The content of the label includes the cosmetic name, quality, efficacy, method of use, production and seller information, etc. Cosmetics can attract attention with beautiful and unique labels, and high-quality labels have become the most important way of expressing the outer packaging of daily chemical products.

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