Basic Printing Knowledge Sharing Aug 20, 2021

custom label printing

1. What constitutes the price of printing?

The price of printing consists of the following parts: the material price of the paper used, design fee, plate making fee (including film), proofing fee, printing plate (PS plate), printing fee, post-processing fee, etc.

Looks like the same sticker printed matter, the reason why the price is different lies in the materials used, the sticker size and craftsmanship are different.

2. What preparations should be made for printed matter?

*When you have own design situation:

  • Provide the printed sticker label original design file.
  • To provide high-precision pictures (above 300 pixels), provide correct text content.
  • The specification requirements are clearly stated, such as quantity, size, paper, and subsequent craftsmanship.

*If there is no design, we can provide you with design assistance.

3. How to make our printed matter look more high-end?

  • The design style should be novel;
  • Choose the right material according to the product, the best material may not be suitable for your product and design;
  • Use special printing processes, such as: laminating, UV, gold foil hot stamping, etc.

4. Why is the printed label color different from the computer display color?

For computer display problems, the color of each monitor is different. Especially liquid crystal displays.

RGB is the color displayed by the monitor, and CMYK is the color for printing. If you use the monitor to preview the CMYK will change color.

5. Why can't the designs made by Word office software be printed directly?

Because Word is an office software, it is generally used for simple typesetting such as text and tables. It is more inconvenient to arrange pictures by using Word  software. Unpredictable errors are prone to occur during printing, and the color difference is greater when printed. If you want to make colorful prints, it is best to use special design software, such as: CorelDRAW, PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign software.

6.What is CMYK printing?

Generally refers to a variety of color processes that use the 4 primary colors of yellow, magenta, and cyan ink and black ink to copy color originals.

7. What product must use the CMYK printing process?

Photographs taken by color photography that reflect the colorful color changes in nature, color art works of painters, or other pictures containing many different colors.

8. In the computer looks very clearly at the design, why printed out very fuzzy?

The computer display is composed of millions of colors, and even the lighter colors can be presented, and the vision given to people is quite clear; while printing is a complex process, through the process of output, plate making, etc. In this process, if the picture’s color (CMYK value) is lower than 5% in some parts, it will not be displayed during plate making. In this case, the color will be ignored.

The above is the printing knowledge shared, we hope it can help you!

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