Analysis of the China's Label Industry Market in 2021 Sep 03

ASKCI Network News:In recent years, thanks to the rapid increase in the demand for labels in packaging, anti-counterfeiting, logistics and other industries, as well as the increase in people’s personalized and functional requirements for labels, the upgrading of label products has accelerated, and the global label market continues increase.

Asia is the market with the largest label demand in the world

From the perspective of the overall structure of the global label market, as emerging economies in Asia represented by China and India are booming, the process of industrialization is accelerating, and the consumption capacity is constantly improving, the demand for labels in Asia is also growing rapidly. The data shows that in 2018, label sales in Asia accounted for 44% of global label sales, making it the market with the largest label demand in the world.

Self-adhesive labels occupy an important position in various labels

With the development of social economy and the continuous improvement of residents' consumption ability, people's demand for individualization and exquisiteness of labels has continued to deepen. At the same time, the scenes that require labeling are also continuously extended and expanded, and the label application environment is becoming increasingly diversified. Self-adhesive labels rely on the advantages of diversified printing materials, strong versatility, good printing performance, and high labeling efficiency, and their market share has gradually increased. According to market survey data from Alexander Watson Associates, in 2018, from the perspective of label demand, self-adhesive labels accounted for 40% of the total label market demand.

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